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Yummy-Yummy iftar menu - Make your own package

Yummy-Yummy iftar menu - Make your own package

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Product Code: iftar_pac_yummy
Product Information

Order online and send Iftar items from Yummy-Yummy Restaurants, Lalmatia to your loved-one in Dhaka. Iftar package will be delivered prior to iftar time. Simply select quantity of each items that you would like to order and add the list in your shopping basket. The total price will be the sum of the 'total of your selected products' and 'the base price'. The base price is our service charge to complete shopping and deliver this product anywhere in Dhaka.

Product Code: iftar_pac_yummy

If your ordered item is not available on the day of delivery, then a similar item will be delivered. Typically half serve biryani is suitable for one person but full-serve is recommended for a person with higher appetite.

This product is available for Dhaka only.

  Name Price / Unit Quantity
  বেগুনী (Beguni) US $1.75 / 5 pcs
  পিঁয়াজু (Piaju) US $1.75 / 5 pcs
  ছোলা (Chola) US $2.40 / 500 gm
  আলুর চপ (Potato chop) US $1.75 / 5 pcs
  চিকেন স্প্রিং রোল (Chicken spring roll) US $0.95 / 1 pcs
  মনসুরী (Monsuri) US $2.00 / 5 pcs
  ফ্রাইড চিকেন (Fried Chicken ) US $1.90 / 1 pcs
  চিকেন উইংস (Chicken wings) US $1.06 / 1 pcs
  চিকেন সাসলিক মিনি (Chicken suslick mini) US $1.60 / 1 pcs
  চিকেন কোকরেটিস্ (Chicken kokretis) US $1.45 / 1 pcs
  চিকেন স্টিক (Chicken steak) US $1.40 / 1 pcs
  ভেজিটেবল স্প্রিং রোল (Vegetable spring roll) US $0.85 / 1 pcs
  চিকেন বল (৪ পিস )(Chicken Boll 4pcs) US $0.95 / 1 pcs
  চিকেন তান্দুরী (Chicken Tandori) US $2.80 / 1 pcs
  জালী কাবাব বীফ (Jali kabab Beef)) US $4.90 / 5 pcs
  টিকা কাবাব (Tika Kabab) US $4.70 / 5 pcs
  অন্থন (Onthon) US $4.80 / 5 pcs
  শাহী গরুর হালিম (Shahi Beef halim) US $8.85 / 1kg
  চিকেন মাশরুম (Chicken Masrum) US $0.80 / 1 pcs
  Medium জিলাপী US $3.90 / 500 gm
  Bombe জিলাপী US $3.65 / 500 gm
  মুড়ি (Puffed rice) US $1.25 / 500 gm
  লাবাং (Arong) US $0.50 / 250ml
  Rooh Afza US $8.25 / 1 Liter
  Coca-Cola/7up (2lt) US $2.84 / 2 Liter
  Maryam Dates (Imported খেজুর) US $6.90 / 500 gm
  Ajwa Dates (আজওয়া খেজুর) US $8.60 / 500 gm
  Medjool dates (Imported খেজুর) US $9.10 / 500 gm
  Apple (আপেল) US $3.60 / 1 kg
  Banana (কলা) US $2.50 / 1 dozen
  পেঁপে (Papaya) US $4.95 / 1 pcs
  Orange Juice (important) US $9.55 / 1 lt
  Apple Juice (important) US $9.55 / 1 lt
  Tang Orange Drinks (Glass Jar) US $8.50 / 750gm
  Grapes - White (সাদা আঙ্গুর) US $4.15 / 500 gm
    Product Total: US $0.00
    Service Charge: US $7.21
    Package Total: US $7.21

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